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Entering the Indian market usually carries a variety of strategies, keeping an open mind, having patience and to be able to think big and in volumes!

The healthcare market in India is expected to reach US 372 Billion in the next 2 years – driven by rising incomes, greater health awareness, lifestyle diseases and increasing access to insurance.

  • The hospital industry in India is presently expected be worth around US 132 billion.
  • The world's largest government funded healthcare scheme, Ayushman Bharat was launched on September 23, 2018.
  • To discuss the experiences and challenges

ChemoTech is a R&D oriented publicly listed Life Science company based in Sweden. With more than 30 years of collected research and intellectual properties in the field of Electroporation and Clinical Research, ChemoTech has developed a new patent pending patient-specific electroporation platform. A technology platform, called IQwave™, specifically designed to treat patients with larger bulk tumors that is difficult to treat with traditional cancer therapies. The first application built on this new innovative platform is already launched in India, Philippines and Kenya. The treatment protocol for this new device is called D-EECT and is used to treat none responsive Breast cancer, Head & Neck tumors and Sarcomas.

Chemotech's primary markets are India, South East Asia and Africa as patients in these markets often lack the availability to western cancer treatments combined with late diagnoses resulting in a high degree of incidence of large superficial tumors.


  • Mohan Frick (CEO and Founder of Scandinavian ChemoTech)

    Mohan Frick

    CEO and Founder of Scandinavian ChemoTech


    Mohan is Born 1974 (Chengalpattu India) Education and experience: BA, Marketing and Management, Lund University. Co-Inventor of the D-EECT Technology and IQwave™ Next generation of Electroporation Devices. He has 20 years’ experience as CEO, Marketing Manager and Board Director in life science industry having had positions at SYSMEX, OnMeD International, Arjo AB and Getinge AB. Current assignments: CEO & Board Director for Scandinavian ChemoTech AB. None-Profit assignments: Member of the Advisory Board for Billion Minds Foundation 2009-2014.

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